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The Jefferson Historical Series Monographs have been published by the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission since 1977.  The Commission is a body of individuals appointed by the Jefferson Parish Council.  Those individuals also serve on the Board of Directors of the Jefferson Historical Society.  All monographs are available for review at all Jefferson Parish public libraries.  Monographs are available free at the time of their publication to members in good standing of the Jefferson Historical Society.

The monographs presented here are available for purchase.  Supplies of some of the monographs are quite limited, however.  To order one or more of these, you may download an order form here.  To download the form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you may download free here.

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Monograph I: Placenames of Jefferson Parish

by Dr. Leslie G. Whitbread

1977, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

54 pages. $5.00

Monograph II: Grand Isle on the Gulf -- An Early History

by Sally Evans, Frederick Stielow & Betsy Swanson

1979, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

114 pages. $10.00

Monograph III: The Public Schools of Jefferson Parish Before the Civil War

by Lemuel W. Higgins

1980, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

91 pages. $10.00

Monograph IV: De LaBarre: Life of a French Creole Family in Louisiana

by William D. Reeves

1980 Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

225 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph V: The Administration of the Public Schools of Jefferson Parish Since the Civil War (1860 - 1940)

by George Cecil Daul

1981, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

96 pages. $10.00

Monograph VI: Life and Work of John McDonogh

by William Allan, LL.D.

1983, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

109 pages. $10.00

Monograph VII: Elmwood

by R. Christopher Goodwin, Jill Karen Yakubik, & Cyd Heymann Goodwin

1984, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

70 pages. $20.00

Monograph VIII: Random Readings: The Jefferson Parish Yearly Review

Compiled and Edited by Henry C. Bezou

1985, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

66 pages. $15.00

Monograph IX: Gretna: A Sesquicentennial Salute

by Mary Grace Curry, Ph.D.

1986, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

120 pages. $20.00

Monograph X: Historical Markers

by Msgr. Henry C. Bezou

1987, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

60 pages. $15.00

Monograph XI: Terre Haute De Barataria

by Betsy Swanson

1991, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

212 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph XII: Growth & Change in the Public Schools of Jefferson Parish: 1940 - 1960

by Edith Graham Giraud

1993, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

91 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph XIII: Rebellion of 1768 in Louisiana and the Manifesto of the Inhabitants

Edited and translated by Wilbur E. Meneray

1997, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

86 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph XIV: Westwego from Cheniere to Canal

by William D. Reeves with Daniel Alario, Sr.

1996, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

246 pages, hardcover. $40.00

Monograph XV: A Study of the Current Practices of Music Education in the Public Schools of Jefferson Parish (1969-1971)

by Bernice Grandison Dormio

2004, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission

58 pages. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph XVI: Lost Plantation: The Rise and Fall of Seven Oaks

by Marc R. Matrana

2005, University Press of Mississippi with the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission.

192 pages, hardcover. OUT OF STOCK

Monograph XVII: Jefferson Parish Politicians of the Past and Present: 1825-2005

by Frank J. Borne, Jr.

2005, Self-published with the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission.

844 pages, hardcover. $46.00

Monograph XVIII: Jefferson Parish's Modern Government on its Golden Anniversary: 1958-2008

by Frank J. Borne, Jr.

2009, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission.

150 pages, hardcover. $10.00


Monograph XIX: Gretna Trivia -- Book One

by Mary Grace Curry, Ph.D.

2012, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission. Originally published 1988, Gretna Historical Society.

54 pages. $10.00


Jefferson Parish Events: 1825-2000

by Mary Grace Curry, Ph.D.  

2000, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission.

pages. $5.00










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