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 Jefferson Parish Yearly Review

The Jefferson Parish Yearly Review, published annually from 1935 until 1981, was a unique publication series sponsored by the Parish of Jefferson. Jefferson Parish was the only parish to sponsor such a series. In the earlier decades, the Review was not distributed to the general public but rather to industrial leaders to promote the Parish as business friendly. As the years progressed, the Review enjoyed a wider distribution, and the content became repetitive from year to year and less sophisticated.

The issues span over forty decades, which include the biggest growth spurts in the Parish's history. Perusing the issues reveals the tale of a parish's path from rural communities to industrial development and then to New Orleans's largest and premier collection of suburbs. The path of governance from the rural police jury system to the more complex president-council system is also described.

The issues feature articles about elected officials, municipalities, the public school system, parish development, and parish departments.

Due to funding from the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission, all pages of all issues have been digitized and are available here for non-commercial usage.

A collection of indices of subjects from all issues is also provided, except for the 1935 issue which had no such index. In addition, many of the issues also featured an index of advertisers.