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 WPA Historical Records Survey

Available for download is the entire 15-volume set of the Works Projects Administration Historical Records Survey on Jefferson Parish. One volume is a general inventory of all parish records held by various parochial offices as of 1939. Another volume is a brief history of Jefferson Parish. The other 13 volumes are transcriptions of the Jefferson Parish Police Jury minutes from 1834 to 1938. The Police Jury was the governing body for Jefferson Parish from 1825 to 1958. From 1858 to 1884, the Police Jury was split into separate juries for the Left Bank (East Bank) and Right Bank (West Bank). Volumes 3 & 4 were for the Right Bank, along with the earlier part of Volume 5; Volume 3A was for the Left Bank. All other volumes, along with the latter part of Volume 5, were for the consolidated Police Jury. Any remaining volumes of the Left Bank jury have been long lost, along with Volume 2 of the consolidated jury.

Note: Blank pages were not scanned, including the following: Vol. 1, i & xiv; Vol. 3A, xiv; Vol. 4, vi; Vol. 5, vi; and Vol. 7, i, ii, vi, & xii.

Because of file size, certain volumes have been broken up into two files with "a" and "b" in the respective file names.




Volume 1

Volume 3-a

Volume 3-b

Volume 3A-a

Volume 3A-b

Volume 4

Volume 5-a

Volume 5-b

Volume 6-a

Volume 6-b

Volume 7-a

Volume 7-b

Volume 8

Volume 9-a

Volume 9-b

Volume 10-a

Volume 10-b

Volume 11-a

Volume 11-b

Volume 12-a

Volume 12-b

Volume 13-a

Volume 13-b